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A Call to My Atheist Brothers and Sisters

I say brothers and sisters because I share the same universe, the same planet, the same biology and genes, the same human values. I have only one difference. I perceive existence as infinite and in unity with its abstract and concrete. I believe in some abstract values. I believe: If my brothers and sisters perceived existence as fully and balanced as I do, they too would share my universal abstract values, and we would not only be brothers and sisters, but God-Humans. More than just brothers and sisters, we will be united as eight billion without any difference of race, religion or profession. We will build not just one world, but infinite worlds on the principles of humanism. Let me state immediately that rampant atheism and the dark materialism on which it is based is an attack on this perception and these values, a slander against humanity.

Look how beautifully Ahmed-i Ciziri, who had the same perception of existence and knew the same abstract values as me 600 years ago, when evolution and science had not yet emerged, expressed this God-Human truth in Kurdish. I swear: I have written five books on this subject, but I have not been able to express this universal truth with such clarity. Let the ears of those who insult the Kurdish language ring.

Three Prescriptions for Palestine

First Hadith: He who learns knowledge is a hundred times better than he who works in the market and in the fields.

Second Hadith Learning knowledge for one hour is better than a year's worship: The five daily prayers, the fast of Ramadan, the Hajj and Zakat of the year.

Unfortunately, while there are ten thousand miraculous facts like this in Islam, all of them have been derailed or misunderstood. That is why secularists and scientists are rapidly fleeing Islam and becoming agnostics or atheists. In fact, the first of these two hadiths has taken the form, "A person who knows hadiths that are considered to be true knowledge, but which reject reason, science and qiyas in law, is a hundred times superior to a mujtahid like Abu Hanifa." He excluded the whole Qur'an based on reason and science. This change will be analyzed later on the second page.

The second hadith took the form of "An hour of knowledge is better than a year of nafl (voluntary) prayers without lying down, eating or going to the toilet."

This is not to take the annual prayers lightly. They are basic duties and obligatory obligations for human beings. But sometimes when you learn about the whole existence and life with an hour of knowledge, you save your faith, you gain eternity. You are useful to billions.

Yes, Allah and His Prophet were not short of words. They were never in the role of misleading people. If nafil (voluntary) prayer was the intention, it would have been said so. Also, those who know a little bit of Arabic emphasis and eloquence will understand that the real intention of the hadith is as we have translated it here.

To Join or Not to Join the EU
(A Call to My Turkish Brothers)

Seventeen years ago, in 2007, I wrote an article titled 'A Situation Assessment' with my Turkish brothers and published it on the internet. Except for a small racist minority, everyone appreciated it.

If my Turkish brothers, especially the Turkish Republic, were to implement that article, the 21st century would become the Turkish era; the Turkish Republic, with its state and nation, would rise above the level of contemporary civilizations. Otherwise, as outlined in some global powers' Plan C, they will be left impoverished, agitating their religious sentiments and being terrorized, especially against the Christian faith, in the civilized world. As a result, they will be driven to Central Asia. I am sharing that article with you, my esteemed friends, with just eight words changed. Now, instead of a literary article, I will put down only five notes. I cannot write literature because the situation is critical for the fate of the Turks. Hopefully, Turkish nationalists will take these notes seriously.

Winning or Losing the Spiritual Test

I had a thoughtful and hardworking spiritual brother who was a literature teacher. He was religious, but prayer felt burdensome to him. Sometimes he would embark on a quest and read Sartre. "I'm going abroad; I will serve the noble cause of Fethullah Hoca Efendi," he would say. Then, as the conflict between Erdogan and Fethullah intensified and millions were either imprisoned or condemned to hunger, he said to me, "Teacher, something is wrong here. If Allah existed, He would definitely help Fethullah." He had not fully understood that the world was created for a test. Despite my deep affection for him, he distanced himself from me for a long time. When he read my responses to Dücane in June 2023, he said, "Teacher, Dücane Cündioğlu is right." I replied, "I guess you haven't read the articles, otherwise you wouldn't say that." He said, "You see those pieces of information because you believe in Allah; I don't believe, so I can't see the information you derive from the Qur'an." It is for this reason that I felt the need to write this short article under this title. It goes like this:

The word "imtihan" means to melt elements like gold and silver in fire to separate them from ash and soil. The word "mihnet" derived from this root means the suffering and torment people endure with the fire of pain and adversity.

Five Religious, Social and Political Topics that Brought the World into Deadlock

(Adam and Evolution, Knowledge of God and Trinity, Transcendence and Equality of Reli-gions, the Intact Preservations of Torah and the Bible, Universal Nature of Religious Parables) Anonymity or misunderstanding of these five issues divides the people, making them enemies.

Adam and Evolution

The evolution is a scientific reality today. In addition to the layer of the brain and DNA thou-sands of geological and paleontological evidence for evolution can be observed today. This means that the story of Adam is not an issue that happened at the beginning of history. So Adam, as a concept of archetypes, is an expression of all humanity's collective personality. It is an expression describing all features of the whole of humanity with the elderly and children, with men and women. In this case, every sentence of the story of Adam in scriptures becomes the expression of sociological and anthropological laws. It becomes a scientific miracle of reli-gion. Otherwise as a history it would disturb the people of science as a superstition. As a result, the non-believing people of science would have a legitimate excuse that can save them in eternal life.

Indeed, humanity is not an ordinary animal species. Adamness (Being Adam/Âdemiyet) is a miraculous expression of religion that articulates the humanity in the best way. This indicates that science has not reached to the level of religious truths yet. When it is read from this per-spective, both the Torah and the Qur'an expresses the reality of Adam by indicating universal archetypal identity. In both texts this abstract archetypal identity of humanity and all relevant points are expressed in a concrete manner by using metaphors. I have discussed about this issue in details in 10 of my articles and my books on Torah, Gospel, and Qur’an.

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