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Who Is Bahaeddin Saglam?

He is a scholar specialized in interpretation of Torah, Bible and Quran as well as in philosophy, especially in ontology and epistemology. He was born in Siirt, Turkey in 1960. He is married and father of four kids. He is fluent in four languages which are Arabic, Turkish, Ottoman Turkish and Kurdish.

His published Books:

Scientific and Literal Approach of Tales in Quran (1985)

Evolution in Quran (1986)

Woman in Quran (1986)

Soul  (1986)

The Truth and Meaning of Prayers (1996)

Quran Translation (1992)

Universal Quran and Language of its Symbols (1997)

Revelation and Civilisation (1999)

Torah Between Past and Future (1998)

Interpretation of Sura Yasin (1998)

Scientific and Literal Approach of Bible-Matthew (2004)

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (2005)

Alternative Tafsir Studies (2006)

Unknowns Women and Life (2007)

Unknowns of Prophet Tales

Unknowns of Risale-i Nur (2010)

Destiny and Free Will (2011)

Interpretation of Amak-i Hayal (2011)

Human (2012)

The Muslim Perception of Existence and Life (2012)

Prescription for Kurdish Nation, Munazarat (2013)

The Essence of Mahdi and Christ

Marifet-Velayet, to know God and to be Close to God (2014)

Oration and Articles of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi 1908-1920 (2015)

Noah and Flood in Torah and Quran, Epic of Gilgamesh and its Meaning, Arriving of Torah Text to this Century (2015)


Unfortunately, apart from 'Torah between Past and Future' and some of his articles none of his works has been translated into English yet.

Bahaeddin Saglam - Author
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